Silver Ribbon (Singapore) Youth Chapter

Silver Ribbon (Singapore) Youth Chapter (SRSYC), an initiative by Silver Ribbon (Singapore), is led by a group of passionate youths who aim to engage like-minded young people to make a difference and contribute to our society.

To educate, engage, and empower youths to provide support for individuals with mental health issues.

To provide youths with the platform to:
  1. Combat mental health stigma by improving mental health literacy.
  2. Improve quality of life of individuals with mental health issues.
  3. Provide socioemotional support for individuals with mental health issues.

Individuals who exhibit hoarding behaviours could be living in homes that are so cluttered that they are unable to enter their homes and carry on with their lives normally. Hence, SRSYC offers decluttering services for these individuals so that they could have a more conducive living environment and move on with their lives.

Some consumers might be struggling alone with low or even no social support, hence, SRSYC offers befriending service for these individuals, providing them with a listening ear or company for their medical appointment.

Outreach Programme
SRSYC aims to combat mental health stigma and improving mental health literacy by organising or collaborating on outreach events and projects that help to spread awareness and knowledge.

Join us as a SRSYC Member!

SRSYC Member

Join us as a SRSYC member to enjoy the following benefits
  • Invitation to
    • Orientation
    • Mental health talks/training/workshops,
    • Join our and SRSYC closed Facebook group, and
    • Year-end appreciation gatherings
  • Opportunity to join as sub-committee member

SRSYC members are required to

  • attend SRSYC Orientation & Training Workshop within 6 months from date of joining
  • assist in befriending, decluttering, outreach events and ad-hoc projects

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